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No Perfect Pottery

An uneven handmade pottery dish with an accompanying label that reads the following text from the artist: 
"Perfection is overrated" 
I like perfection, to the point where I've refused to do new things because the learning process means an imperfect result. Signing up for a pottery class seemed like a good idea at the time, until I realized that making a "perfect" bowl was substantially harder than anticipated. Creativity is a process that doesn't come from a mold and my favourite pieces are the ones that turned out differently from what I'd planned. 
The rim on my most recent bowl was accidentally bent, I didn't apply a consistent coat of white stain, and the outside glaze doesn't come down far enough. It's definitely not factory made and I love it.
Some food for thought in the display case at the West End Community Centre.
Six beige handmade pottery dishes (bowls, one mug, and a short vase) sit atop a wooden lattice table.
These are the first pieces of pottery I’ve made that I felt confident enough to take photos of. In retrospect, there were many pieces before these that were just as lovely and photo-worthy but that I was too hypercritical of and unable to appreciate at the time.
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